Operation Walk Philadelphia

The Cause


Joint replacement is an incredible accomplishment of modern orthopedic surgery. Patients suffering with severe joint disease and disability, who receive joint replacements, often return to pain-free and active lives. In our community we are fortunate to have the resources to provide joint replacement to many patients, and the benefit of this treatment is appreciated again and again. In developing countries, because of limited resources and training, joint replacement surgery is scarcely an option.

Operation Walk Philadelphia is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing joint replacement to those in underserved communities in the developing country. It was founded by Dr. Robert E. Booth, Jr., Michelle A. Anderson, PA-C and Elizabeth Sees, RN,BSN,CNOR. We have participated in several international missions of charitable knee and hip replacement surgery. Dr. Booth appreciates that his participation in Operation Walk is one of the most gratifying experiences of his distinguished career - “it brings an opportunity to people of different nationalities with crippling disabilities to walk again and to enjoy some semblance of the life we ourselves take for granted. Additionally, it allows us to teach the local health care providers the modern techniques of joint replacement, patient care, instrument management, sterilization, etc. Lastly, it is personally gratifying beyond words. Most of us went into the medical field for altruistic reasons which are increasingly difficult to effect today. These opportunities to bond with each other, to re-think our techniques and our patient care protocols, and to receive the often unspoken but overwhelmingly obvious joy of a patient who can walk once again are beyond description.”

Our mission is serviced by practitioners who volunteer to travel to, and then establish a joint replacement clinic within a suitable local medical facility. The Clinic provides a comprehensive 5-10 day session of joint replacement care: preoperative evaluation, surgery, convalescence, and physical therapy.

Our Mission is only made possible through donations. We are in the planning phase for our next OpWalk mission and are asking for your help.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

About Us

Operation Walk of Philadelphia is a private, volunteer, not-for-profit, medical service organization devoted to bringing hope to people in developing countries who have no access to advanced orthopaedic care for disabling arthritis or other bone and joint diseases. Our goal is to provide free orthopaedic care to these patients, to educate the local physicians and other health care providers in surgical techniques, and to establish ongoing relationships to foster improved and more accessible local care.